SCOM: Alert Generating Rules vs Collection Rules

A quick Google search didn’t yield a quick explanation of this, so I’ll quickly describe the difference. Alert Generating Rule: A rule setup that generates an alert that shows up in the active alerts. It stays in a “New” state until it’s modified by a script or manually closed. Collection Rules: A rule setup that … Continue reading “SCOM: Alert Generating Rules vs Collection Rules”

Schedule a URL into Maintenance Mode

Found a nice article about how to script a URL (or web application) into maintenance mode. This was a little bit of a challenge to find so I’m reposting it to hopefully get some more attention. I’ve also posted the modified version of the script that allows for multiple watcher hosts. Usage:

OpsMgr 2007 – No graphs in emailed reports

Some of you may have found that there are no graphs in your emails (scheduled reports) from SCOM 2007. I posted this up on the MSMOM email distro and Kevin Holman pointed me to a KB article. Just add this to your ReportingServicesService.exe.config file in the ReportServerbin Place this between the tags:

OpsMgr 2007 – Author Privileges

Have you run into setting up permissions/privileges for your administrators within the scom console. This can be quite confusion. You often run into cryptic areas where certain functions don’t react as they should and you run into the error “The user domainuser does not have sufficient permission to perform the operation”. Some important information here: