Android: Push file to sdcard with adb

I ran into the issue where Windows was not mounting the Phone’s SD card within windows, so I had to revert back to using adb. This method requires that you’ve download the drivers for your phone, along with the android sdk ( The SDK will download and you extract to any location of your choosing. … Continue reading “Android: Push file to sdcard with adb”

SnapManager for Exchange: Backup Tasks

There’s quite a lot of information out there on backup tasks, my biggest frustration is that the wizard is not very standard on creating the backup tasks, it’s much easier if you know what you’re doing to create the tasks manually and leave the backup wizard outta the picture. Here’s the common command line arguments … Continue reading “SnapManager for Exchange: Backup Tasks”

Check for queued autosupports

I’ve always wondered where the autosupports were held on the NetApp, specifically to see if my autosupports are being processed on new client sites. I’m not sure about other releases but on 8.x releases (they’re most¬†likely¬†in the same location) they’re stored here: \\{netapp}\etc$\log\autosupport NetApp has released some commands in the 8.1.x code line release to … Continue reading “Check for queued autosupports”