Android: Push file to sdcard with adb

I ran into the issue where Windows was not mounting the Phone’s SD card within windows, so I had to revert back to using adb. This method requires that you’ve download the drivers for your phone, along with the android sdk ( The SDK will download and you extract to any location of your choosing. adb is located in {directory}\sdk\platform-tools\

In case you have an issue with getting your remote device to show up for /sdcard/ the following commands will help you out:

adb devices
adb push /sdcard/


D:\and\sdk\platform-tools\adb devices
List of devices attached
9132ce46b device

D:\and\sdk\platform-tools\adb push /sdcard/
3280 KB/s (95417279 bytes in 28.403s)

To install a new .apk run the following (such as installing a new beta software, etc):

D:\and\sdk\platform-tools\adb <filename.apk>

or to force the install

D:\and\sdk\platform-tools\adb -r <filename.apk>

6 thoughts on “Android: Push file to sdcard with adb

  1. It replies “failed to copy ‘me.jpg’ to ‘/storage/sdcard/me.jpg’: Read-only file system”
    me.jpg is the file name. I had copied it to the platform-tools folder and also the device is running

    1. /storage/sdcard may not be a valid directory. you can run “adb ls /{path}” for the list of directories that are available.

  2. “failed to copy ‘ to ‘/sdcard/ permission denied plz help me some to push it in my phone memory

  3. Hey man, thanks for the tip, but there is a missing ‘/’ at the end of the first example. It should be “adb push /sdcard/”

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