NetApp GX Monitoring and Cacti

well, quite a long time after I wrote this I’m finally releasing it. Let me know if you have any problems with it, I wanted to do a more detailed write-up but for now, at least I’ll get it out there ;). Click read-more if you’re interested in the link to the download.

Useage Instructions:

Please note when setting up this script you should setup the account cacti runs under as a user on your NetApp GX system with a SSH key. Follow these instructions from the NOW site:

Release v1.0.16:

Initial public release

Release  v1.0.17:

Please note this version has been updated with a change to the code for the aggr function that was not previously working.

4 thoughts on “NetApp GX Monitoring and Cacti

    1. Joe,
      I’ll add some additional information about how the system is configured. What exactly is the issue? Can you post some of the cacti.log detail?

  1. Thanks for responding. I guess i’m somewhat new to Cacti. I have imported the cacti template but how does the template interact with the perl script to mine that data?

    1. you need to put the script in the scripts directory for cacti. i forget really where it’s at off the top of my head (i’m out of town at the moment). But basically the script calls the script based on the hostname. if you put the script on your cacti host and call it you can see the data return (at least you should). If you look at the script you can easily see which functions do what and what variables you need for it. if you go into the settings in cacti and change the log level to debug, or even high, you should get info in the cacti.log file that shows you the output when it’s calling the script as well (along with any errors).

      i’ll be back in the office monday. when i get back i’ll take some screenshots of the configs and try to put together a more detailed doc. it was a little cumbersome to configure for sure.

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